Bell Cemetery - Jennings State Forest, FL

Bell Cemetery is the hardest location to get to in Jennings State Forrest out of the four cemeteries that are there.  However, that also means that it’s extremely undisturbed and quiet… which is what we are looking for!

It’s a fairly small cemetery located smack dab in the center of a sandy pine forest.  It’s a mix of tombstone styles and eras, and outside the gates is a tombstone in memory of “Buddy the Pig”.

You will definitely need a copy of this map to get there…

Printable Map of Jennings State Forest

Investigations we've done here...



Bell Cemetery
Jennings State Forrest, Florida

The directions I’ve provided will get you to Live Oak Lane, which borders the park.  Wow… all I can say is good luck finding it because this one is in the middle of nowhere!  Oh… and don’t venture too far off the “ main road” unless you have four wheel drive and a chainsaw to cut fallen trees that are blocking your way!

You’ll need to use the scanned Jennings State Forest map above, and keep a look out for the numbered road signs.  Good luck!

Evidence we've found here...

Here are the EVPs and other audio evidence that we have found at this location. Please see the above "Investigations we've done here" section to read more about the context...


-John Mosley-

This one is pretty good.  This is from the grave of John Mosley, and right after I say “John Mosley”, you hear a whispered “John”.  I couldn’t boost up the signal much in this one because it has a lot of noise, so really turn up the volume!


-“Thank You, Son”-

This one is pretty arguable, but I think it’s interesting… especially (like all of these) when you factor in the context, and we got an spike on the EMF reader of 1.2 which was by far the highest we got there (and there is no power for miles where we were).  I was looking at the flowers on Connie L. Bell’s grave, and I noticed that some had fallen.  I reached over to pick them up and knocked over some plastic tulips in a plastic vase, spilling water on her grave (that’s what the picture on the left is attempting to show).  Oops!  But that’s when we got the 1.2 spike!  I pick up the flowers, and I say that everything looks good now.  This is where the audio picks up:

John: ..."And the little cherubs look nice, too. Those are cherubs, right?
EVP: Thank you, son.


-“Truck Driver”-

We were in front of a tombstone that had an 18 wheeler etched on it.  I said “He was a truck driver”, and you can here a very faint, almost child like sounding voice that says something that’s eerily close to truck driver.


-Here are Some Kids-

This one isn’t great, but I say “Here’s some kids” (and ignore my bad grammar please), there is a peculiar “YUP” kind of noise as a response.  It wasn’t picked up on the other recorder, and I didn’t hear any other sounds like this all the way through the recordings (so it wasn’t a frog or a recording noise or anything).


-Weird Breathing Noise-

Straight out of a horror flick! lol… no clue what this is -and I’m cetainly not claiming that it’s paranormal - but it’s not on the other recorder, and there aren’t any other sounds that sound even close to this!  ...And yet, it has a sort of “human quality” to it.


-“Turn the Camera Off”-

This one is really, really low and is lost in the low rumble (I didn’t set the new digital recorder quite right) so you need to listen very closely, but it’s in context and it sounds to us very much like “Turn the camera off” after we take a picture.  This is from the same grave in which I got the “Thank you, son” EVP after I straightened the flowers and commented on the cherub.

I’m sorry that it’s so low and hard to hear… I tried to boost the signal and reduce the noise a little, but that took away some of the EVP, too.  So you might have to use your imagination with the end result of this one a little bit! lol…

[Camera beep-beeps and snaps]
John: Connie... is that you? Can you hear me, Connie?
John: Connie are you able to hear me?



This one is interesting because the EVP comes first.  We walk up to the grave of “Daniel Bell, Jr.” -born December 24th 1860, died January 25th, 1925.  The EVP then says “JUNIOR” right before I say “Daniel Bell Junior” outloud!

What’s also interesting is that there is a “clicking/crackling” sound before this one that has occurred before some other EVPs I’ve gotten.  I’m going to start keeping track of that.

Katie: [Clears throat]
John: "Daniel Bell Junior..."


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